Indulge yourself in comfort with the ultimate in lustrous style, alpaca fur.

Alpaca fur luxury designer slippers for women. Baboosha Paris.


For Baboosha, lustrous style is more than a description of its shiny Suri or Huacaya alpaca fur. It is a calling.


A life lived in elegance, comfort, style, and fun. A life bursting with comforts large and small.


We all live busy lives. Mostly we work but we also like to explore, be adventurous, and all this activity can make us exhausted. We count on our home as a refuge from the outside world.


With Baboosha, the casual environment of home can be an extension of the outside world. We let in the action of exploration and adventure into our home and this can make us feel like a star and quite stylish too.


Lustrous style is not just a way to live, it is the only way to live.


Have Fun. Be Lustrous.